Get to Know a Little About Us: FAQ

  • DESIGN: Can you help me layout my tradeshow booth?

  • COUNTERFEITING AND COPIES: I saw Windship Products on a different website,
    why is that?

  • DESIGN: Can you design artwork for me?

  • DISPLAY QUALITY: What sorts of materials do you use in your Windship Displays line?

  • E-COMMERCE: Why can't I order online?

  • GLOBAL REACH: Do you ship internationally?

  • GRAPHIC QUALITY: Can a picture I found online be used to print?

  • GRAPHIC UPLOADS: How Can I send my Graphics?

  • PRICING: How much does an inflatable cost?

  • PRICING: I heard your inflatables are expensive.  Is this true?

  • QUOTES: How Can I get a quote?

  • RENTALS: Do you rent any items?

  • SET UP AND TAKE DOWN: Are your products easy to use?

  • TECHNOLOGY: What technology do you use in your Inflatables?

  • TIMELINES: What is production time for your products?

  • WARRANTY: What is your warranty on your inflatables and how long will they last?

  • WHERE TO START: I'm new to this, how do I start an order?

Celebrating 30 Years of Windship